Wolvennest / E-L-R

Running Order :

20h30 E-L-R

21h30 Wolvennest

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DOOM NIGHT AT THE SUNSET on Monday October 30th ! Wolvennest from Belgium and the Swiss trio E-L-R will join their forces to give you the best chaotic and dark experience you can ask for !

8pm / 25.-

For tickets send an email to muffi@mycable.ch


The best word to describe Wolvennest’s music: occult. Each live show is a transcending
experience for their audience as well as their members. Far from the modern world,
Wolvennest developed a following the ancient way, with strong trippy albums and solid live
experiences evoking chaos, light and darkness. Their fourth full length album, « The Dark
Path to the Light », makes no exception and presents a band floating between various
universes, where occult rock, doom and black metal swirl into oblivion driven by psychedelic
and ambient manifestations. While the collective already performed at mythic festivals
(Desertfest, Roadburn, Hellfest) and the very best of the occult locations (House of the Holy,
Chaos Descend, Ascension), its appetite for trippy performances is stronger than ever. The 6
musicians are looking forward to their coming experiences with a new album full of weird
synths, hypnotic guitars and strong emotions invoked through Shazzula’s voice.
On their fourth full length album, Wolvennest proposes a dark trip looking for balance in
chaos, finding a place between light and darkness. “The Dark Path to the Light” dances with
oblivion and offers a melancholic and honest vision of a dying world. The collective has
always invited devoted souls on their musical journey and this time is no different: ; the
leader of Misþyrming, D.G., proves once again that he has the strongest voice of his
generation on « The Timeless All and Nothing ». Forged with the glorious seventies in mind,
“The Dark Path to the Light” is a shorter album, with no fillers and all killers.


This fierce swiss trio are brought to you like the wild wind of an ardent night
and are stubbornly individualistic and pursuing a special sound. Dubbed
doomgaze, their style is based on the generally down-tempo, meandering,

epic side of doom metal, but introduces other elements such as a nearly mini-
malist repetitive phrasing that reminds of shamanistic rituals. They are enjoy-
ing an excellent reputation as a live entity that enhances their music with a

trance-like experience when on stage:
«We want the listener to delve into our sphere and become entranced in
order to feel our energy – they shall not fear to close their eyes.»
During the release of their debut album «Mænad» in 2019, they had a very
intense time of playing shows and were ever since constantly thrown into the
coldest of waters playing in front of big audiences (tour support band of
Amenra (EU tour), big festival shows (Prophecy Fest, Up In Smoke, …) and
excellent support slots (Wolvennest, Hangman’s Chair, Morne, Dark

Buddha Rising, etc.) Those experiences on the road formed them into confi-
dent and routined musicians and strengthened their decision to

become an active touring band. Not only musically they are matching per-
fectly – but also personally: «We have the same visions and have an incredi-
bly strong bond to each other.»

The forced break in 2020 came in like a charm for them and they were finally
able to breath, focus and feed the fire with new ideas. The new record came
to life after months of writing together in isolation and nurturing from the
past year where they met new people and explored new places. Their sound
has grown further from the seed of their first album and became heavier and
darker. E-L-R’s sophomore album «Vexier» is going to rip through the echoing
fog and will open a new chapter for the band. «Vexier» will be released on
the 11th of march via Prophecy Productions.

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