Atomic Shelters, Blasted, Call Me Peter, Cardiac, Coconut Kings, Coke’tale, Dead Dog Cafe, Delage, Deus Ex Machina, Dolorean, Dream Homeless, Elizabeth, FK2 Trio, Flayst, Garadh, Hannibal Slim And Captain Boogie, Hathors, Helium Echoes, Hey Satan, Horla, Hundred Days, Kruger, Lachapelle, Marechal, Montecharge, Mingmen, Path Of Desolation, Progstone, Pullsar, Mirrors For Psychic Warfare, My Diligence, Scars, Divide, Stealy, Switch Digital Tv, The Kompressor Experiment, The Elematics, The Minx, Tim & The Black Thieves, Two From The Eye, Tymfar, Vegas In Furs, Verus People, Worry Blast