-(16)-, 17F, Alice Torrent, Alleluia Pantoufle, Akshara 2x, Astorian, Aurélie Emery, Bad Wolf Syndrome, Bak XIII, Beaver Moon, Big Wave, Black Rainbows, Black Swell, Blasted, Bloodlost, Blown, Circle Of Execution, Coconut Kings, Coke’Tale 2x, Cremation, Dead Shaman, Deathraw, Dirty Sound Magnet, Fire Rain, Flayst, Fluffy Machine, Fresno, From The Birth To The Death Of A Star : A Cosmic Trip By J.E.S., Frozen Crows, Hangman’s Chair, Hathors, Hundred Days, Inhume, Jane Barnell, Jacko & The Washmachine, Kompressor Experiment, La Muerte, Le Grand Mal, Mirrors For Psychic Warefare, Mission Black, Montecharge, Morse, Mr Brandi, Muerte Espiral, Mystic Sons 2x, Nashville Pussy, Neo Noire, Nostromo, Orkide, Ouest, Primal Edge, Primitive Man, Pro-Pain, Promethee, Putride Offal, Rupted 2x, Sex Rhapsody, Scott Kelly & John Judkins, Staff, The Doors Revival, The Erkonauts, The Moonlight Gang, The Newgate’s Knocker 2x, Transport League, Trompe-la-mort, Ulster Page, Unfold, Voice Of Ruin, Worry Blast 2x