Abraham, Akantha x2, BAKXIII, Barde & Orage, Blasted, Bloodlost, The Bomb, Born from Pain, Boss Hogg, Brutality Will Prevail, CardiaC, Catch My Story, Coconightman, Coconut Kings, Coke’Tale, Circle Of Execution, Climax, Dagger Threat, Darkrise, De Profundis, Dead Shaman, Death Angel, Death By Stereo, Decapitated, Domkraft, The Doors Revival, Doppelgänger,, Earth Ship, Elektrik Tom, Evil Invaders, Fire Rain, FK2 trio, Fluffy Machine x2, Frauensaft, Geisterwald, Gozu, The Ground Shaker, HellFarts, Hemelbestormer, Herod, High Reeper, Hood Brawl, Implore, Jakstaff&The Two Old Boys, Jane Barnell, Jungle Rot, Left Lane Cruiser, Lionheart, Lord Dying, Malämmar, Mass Worship, The Moonlight Gang, Moron Bros, Mount Kõya, Mystic Sons, Nostromo, Ostande, Our Hollow, Our Home, Overgrass, The Professionals, Promethee, Pos’tit, Pro-Pain, Rataxes, Reverend Beat-Man, The Revox, Rotten Sound, Shana Pearson, Shrooms Circle, Six Months Of Sun, Skeletal Remains, Slow Crush, Smell Of Sound, So Below 2x, Sex Rhapsody, Staff, Storm(O), Terror, Terrorizer, Tim&The Thieves, Trompe-La-Mort, Velvetfish, Wake’up, Walrus, Winter In Deutschland, Worry Blast, Yoël