Ad Nauseam, Among Vultures, Anachronism, Archair, Ashes Of Betrayal, Atomic Trip, Bad Nasty, Baest, BAK XIII, Big Wave, Black Swell, Blasted, Cardiac, Catch My Story, Circle Of Execution, Code Of Conduct, Coke’tale, Death Angel, Death Before Dishonor, Eggs Of Gomorrh, Elektrik Tom, E-L-R, Eternal Struggle, Fluffy Machine, Get The Shot, Hippie Death Cult, Tyrmfar, Sinequanon, Index, Jakstaff&the Two Old Boys, Jisei, John Guster, Useless ID, Nofnog, Paleface, Kassoghta, Kess’Khtak, Kilmister, Lifeboats Scott H. Biram, Lionheart, Lotrify, Mamba Bites, Mara, Marie Antoinette&The Last Drop, Marie Posa, Méandre, Misery Impure Wilhelmina, Nashville Pussy, Nihilo, Nostromo, Path Of Resurgence, Pro-Pain, Promethee, Reject The Sickness, Room Me, So Below, Suffocation, Tar Pond, Terror, Transport League, The Doors Revival, Kehlvin, The Casualties, The Erkonauts, The Lords Of Altamont, The Moonlight Gang, The Soap Girls, Tim&The Thieves, Vader, Winter In Deutschland, Wizards Of Wiznan, Worry Blast, Ynk