Maid Of Ace / Mamba Bites

Running Order :

8.15pm Mamba Bites

9.30pm Maid Of Ace


Punk rock show at the Sunset on June 4th ! Don’t miss this high energy show with MAID OF ACE from England and MAMBA BITES from Switzerland.

8pm / 25.-  For tickets send an email to


The four sisters who deliver adrenaline fueled Punk-rock are born in Hastings, South-coast England Alison, Anna, Abby and Amy who all share the same initials ‚ACE‘ and with four Ace’s in a pack the band almost seemed destined. Accelerating though years of beers, bruises and ear battery, ‚Maid of Ace‘ Released their self- titled debut album in 2014 and have since become an indestructible unit and force to be reckoned with. Known best for their on-stage energy and raw rage, They continue to make a name for themselves across the globe and are showing no signs of slowing down… Look out world!


The MAMBA BITES is a power trio from Switzerland united by a common goal : playing punk rock ! Beyond glitter and smiles their music combines the power of punk rock and with melodic and pop elements, as well as heavier passages.

juin 4, 2024 20:00 - 22:30 + Google Map 25.00CHF