Possessed / Vapor / Stoic Suffering / Matt Miller (SOLD OUT !)

This show is SOLD OUT !

Running Order:

19h00 Matt Miller (30 min)
19h45 Stoic Suffering (30 min)
20h30 Vapor (30 min)
21h30 Possessed (75 min)

POSSESSED at the Sunset ! The death metal creators will play their only Swiss date at the Sunset this summer on July 25th. They will bring with them Vapor, Stoic Suffering and Matt Miller

For tickets send an email to muffi@mycable.ch 45.- 19h

It was the mighty POSSESSED who initially breathed life into this new and exciting genre. With writing that started in 1982, the first official death metal band created the now classic record Seven Churches and established the face of the genre permanently. Even DEATH’s late guitarist and mastermind Chuck Schuldiner who is sometimes credited with creating the genre, was adamant about the album’s influence upon him. Sadly, like with many artistic pioneers, it was very early on in POSSESSED’s existence that a grand tragedy struck which would put the band on hiatus for almost two decades. After many years of healing, education, renewal, and eventually new writing, there is now a resurgence of life, and the rebuilt, and polished POSSESSED returned with their long awaited album Revelations Of Oblivion


As time has passed the line-up for the band has shifted and after tireless striving for perfection, the ultimate combination has been settled upon. POSSESSED is now original founder and song writer Jeff Becerra (Vocals), Daniel Gonzalez on guitar (Nailshitter, Gruesome), Claudeous Creamer on guitars (Dragonlord, Serpent, Girth),  Robert Cardenas on bass guitar (Coffin Texts, Masters of Metal, Agent Steel, Malice, Engrave), and Emilio Marquez (Brainstorm, Sadistic Intent, Engrave, Brujeria) on drums.


Summertime and festival season are right around the corner, ushering in new opportunity for live shows and tour cycles for the band. With exciting announcements drawing near, POSSESSED is ready to take on the road. Crawling out of a pale inferno of creation, life, loss, and injury, the ensemble has returned to reignite the flame of true Death Metal. Prepare yourselves for you are soon to behold Revelations Of Oblivion as the harbinger of a resurrected musical era.

Official Website – www.possessedofficial.com

Official Facebook –  www.facebook.com/possessedofficial

Official Video – https://youtu.be/H0DCqdF7EzE


juillet 25, 2023 19:00 - 20:00 + Google Map 45CH